Friday, February 28, 2020

Lessons learned

When I come to think about the past 13 years, I'm grateful for the opportunities that I've had so far in life, great places I've visited and awesome people that thought me lots of experiences and lessons. Friendship that I've never thought would be possible and that I've reserved a special place in my heart. 
These are pictures from Siracusa Italy, 2018, where I've led the engineering technical team on a major migration project. Challenging time but at the same time lots of fun. Maybe someday will be able to go visit this beautiful region. Ciao!

Diogo Catossi
Diogo Catossi and Danylo Silva working from Ortigia Palace hotel balcony

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Diogo Catossi

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Kuala Lumpur

Diogo Catossi at Kuala Lumpur with Menara towers in the background:

Iraq Divestment Project

Diogo Catossi in Iraq for a Divestment Project

Etna Volcano

Diogo Catossi trip to Etna Volcano in Sicily, Italy

Divestment Project Team - Italy

Diogo Catossi working with his engineering team at Italy Refinery Divestment project. Tutti bene!

Divestment Project team

Diogo Catossi ejoying Divestment project workshop in Paris with engineering team:

Vacations in Germany

Diogo Catossi having vacations in Germany and haging out with family

Colombia Divestment Project

Diogo Catossi having fun at Colombia Divestment project. This was a joke with Dyck in the Busseta :)

Family time

Diogo Catossi enjoying family time:

Personal Space

This is my personal blog to post about anything that comes through my head, pictures I feel like sharing, etc. Have fun!

Me and my beloved wife!